Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Explain what you have learned from your experience as member of a team Essay

Explain what you have learned from your experience as member of a team whose project was not completeted sucessfully - Essay Example The task was supposed to be finished overnight otherwise additional payments were to be incurred by the organization due to additional day of auditor’s visit. Our team failed to complete the assigned task within deadline, however somehow we were able to avoid the additional payment costs to the company. The reasons to this failure were later on studied in depth to extract results, inferences and lessons for future reference and better response. Next few paragraphs will discuss the lessons learned by the team. The first and far most important is the assignment of the task to a professional with appropriate skills and zeal to accomplish the assigned task. The initial assignment of the task seems to be a wrong assignment and lake of professionalism caused unnecessary delay in the completion of the investment report. An unfinished report was the ultimate result of this wrong assignment. Therefore purposeful evaluation of professional competence for a specific task is of core impor tance for the successful completion of the project. It is also evident from the findings that the project was not properly supervised for in time preparation of the investment report therefore the initial assignment was not completed.

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