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Inmates Welfare and Development - 1885 Words

Chapter 1 THE RESEARCH PROBLEM Introduction The Bureau of Jail Management and Penology envisions itself as a dynamic institution highly regarded for its sustained humane safekeeping and development of inmates. This is indeed a very noble vision which has guided the institution over the last 20 years. With this, the Bureau aims to enhance public safety by providing humane safekeeping and development of inmates. In line with the vision, the Bureau endeavors to formulate policies and guidelines in the administration of all district, city and municipal jails nationwide, provide for the basic needs of inmates, and conduct activities for the development of inmates to ultimately improve their living conditions in accordance with the†¦show more content†¦Then, once a person feels a sense of â€Å"belongingness†, the need to feel important arises. Esteem Needs may be classified as internal or external. Internal esteem needs are those related to self-esteem such as self-respect and recognition. Some esteem needs are self-respect, achievement, attention, recognition, and reputation. Maslow later refined his model to include a level between esteem needs and self-actualization: the need for knowledge and aesthetics. Next is the Self-actualization Need, it is the summit of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. It is the quest of reaching one’s full potential as a person. Unlike low er level needs, this need is never fully satisfied; as one grows psychologically, there are always new opportunities to continue to grow. Self-actualized people tend to have needs such as truth, justice, wisdom, and meaning. Self-actualized persons have frequent occurrences of peak experiences, which are energized moments of profound happiness and harmony. According to Maslow, only a small percentage of the population reaches the level of self-actualization. This study was based on the above mentioned theory because it is inherent for Jail Officers to safeguard the conditions of inmates inside jails and to develop their personalities. Jail Officers have a major role to help these individuals help themselves for them to become a law-abiding member of the society and be aShow MoreRelatedEssay on Abounding Needs: Children of Incarcerated Parents1598 Words   |  7 Pagesfood, clothing and shelter (Johnson and Waldfogel, 2002). However, each child of an incarcerated parent has emotional and psychological needs specific to his/her situation that must be met. Meeting these needs will help ensure positive growth and development. Many factors must be considered when assessing the behaviors of children with incarcerated parents. Was the child exposed to parental criminality prior to the parents incarceration? Did the child exhibit emotional instability or have behaviorRead MoreDrug Abuse And Substance Abuse Essay1451 Words   |  6 PagesAbstract Approximately eighty percent of the inmates in correctional facilities have problems related to substance abuse. The number of male inmates has increased considerably in the recent years mainly due to a high number arrests and prosecutions that are drug related. Many correctional facilities offer educational and treatment interventions to help them. However, significant gaps remain.The Justice’s Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring program in the U.S tracks prevalence trends and the type of drugsRead MoreBehind Bars: Pregnant Inmates and the Challenges of Care Essay1378 Words   |  6 Pagesboth intimidating and routinely violent. (Hutchinson et. al., 2008) In 2012, the total number of inmates incarcerated in the state and federal correctional system for was 1,571,013, of which 108,866 of those inmates were females. In the last two decades, until 2009, women were the fastest growing population within the state and federal correctional institutions. Since 2009, the number of inmates incarcerated in state and federal correctional facilities has slowly declined mainly due to publicRead MoreShawshank Redemption Analysis - Kohlberg and Maslow connection!1281 Words   |  6 PagesLawrence Kohlberg, a famous psychologist, developed a theory which entailed six stages of moral development. The aim of his theory is to allow individuals to be characterised into one of the stages, based upon their moral ethical well-being. Life experiences usually allow further development, thus moving the individual to advance to higher stages. On the other hand, Abraham Maslow developed a different theory based on human s most basic needs which is represented in a pyramid type figure containingRead MoreCorrections in teh Criminal Justice System1076 Words   |  4 Pagessignificant developments in American prison history were the opening of Eastern State Penitentiary at Cherry Hill, Pennsylvania, in 1821, and the opening of Auburn Prison in Auburn, New York, in 1829. The method of discipline and administration used at Eastern came to be known as the â€Å"Pennsylvania system† and Auburn became associated with the term â€Å"congregate system.† Under the Pennsylvania model, each inmate lived in a separate cell with a separate exercise yard. Clergy members visited inmates and attemptedRead MoreFather s Role As A Child s Development1478 Words   |  6 PagesThe literature review examines the father s role as being very important to a child s development and brings out positive benefits when they’re actively involved. A father who is involved ensures a sufficient amount of cognitive ability, supports the child s educat ional achievements and awareness of overall health and social behavior. Fathers are more than just the second adult in the home. When involved fathers, biological or not, they bring positive benefits to a child that no other person isRead MoreMom And Babies Program : Mothers And Mothers891 Words   |  4 Pagesbaby. They set up a section of the prison for this very purpose and all staff members have received training on child development and CPR. The network of support from a Mom and Babies program, like the one running at the Decatur Correctional Center, is the heart of the operation. Food stamps and WIC, which stands for Women Infants Children, are provided for the children. The inmate mother however, does not receive such benefits due to the burden of support falling on the institution. Their mealsRead MoreGap In Prisons1034 Words   |  5 Pagesobjectives of prison administration. Today many recreational activities are carried out in Indian jails healing the physical, emotional and the spiritual opportunity for self development and inculcating a sense of social responsibility in the prisoners. Educational facilities and vocational training is provided to the inmates to make them adept to the society after their release. In tihar jail educational activities are taken care by NGOs and government. Study centres of the Indira Gandhi NationalRead MoreRehabilitation of the Felony Offender Essays1468 Words   |  6 Pagesone way or another. As taxpayers, we pay the costs of the justice system, incarceration, and there is the issue of public safety. This problem is not just going to go away, as history shows there has always been crime. â€Å"A cursory look at the development of the U.S. prison system commences with a study of early 19th Century Calvinist philosophy. The bleak Calvinist outlook considered humans inherently evil and dismissed rehabilitation as a waste of time; retribution reigned supreme† (Whitney 780)Read MoreShould Prison Programs Help Benefit Inmates1662 Words   |  7 Pageswith more than 2.2 million inmates in federal, local, and state prisons. Many ex-offenders struggle to â€Å"fit back in† to their communities and face many difficult obstacles in re-entering the job market. There are many programs that can help inmates with job skills, education, and cognitive skills; that way when they are released from the facility, they are able to face their communities a little more comfortably. My question is: can prison programs help benefit inmates in and out of the facility

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